You Are “Sentencing” Your Ads To Failure

There’s a thing in your ads that will completely destroy their effectiveness when you’re trying to talk to your target audience with your local advertising in the attempt to persuade a new prospect to buy from you when they’re in the market for your particular product or service. Phew! Holy cow…that’s a long sentence.

Yup. That’s it. Long sentences in your ads will decrease their effectiveness. When you go on and on and on with a sentence, your prospect with not get the point you’re trying to make (if you have one to begin with).

Don’t “sentence” your ads to failure.

Shorten them up. Make them punchy and clear. Don’t make them go back and re-read because they didn’t quite understand what you were trying to convey the first time. Make it easy. Short sentences keep your ad flowing. It helps the person listening to your radio ad, reading your print or online ad, or watching your You Tube video… “get it” the first time. Don’t make it easy for someone to get bored or confused and move on to something else.

Have a great day!

Duane Christensen

Non-Fat Advertising

I’m a marketing guy and ad writer. This isn’t just about better ads either, it’s also about a strategy to set you apart and help you be remembered (in a good way). I write this marketing blog because I’m on a mission to help you get more from your advertising bucks. I also wrote a a no-nonsense book about how to take a bigger slice of market share with better advertising. It’s called “Take a Bigger Slice”.