Non-Fat Advertising: The biggest player in town

There’s a used car dealer in a neighboring town that started out with 8 cars on his lot over 20 years ago.  He started doing radio…almost chickened out 3 months into it…then never looked back.  He has 3 car lots now, with probably 300+ vehicles.  Was it the RADIO that made him so successful?  Nope.  Radio is just a great medium to reach a ton of people.  The thing that made him successful (and probably super rich) is the advertising strategy and the messages that are used.

Business owners and advertisers tend to forget (or have never learned) that the MESSAGE is what really moves the needle.  It’s the message that will build trust between you and future customers before they even meet you.

The strategy of the used car guy was created by taking into account everything that was WRONG with the used car industry back in the 90s and even today.  Then he capitalized on the emotion that was stirred up.

Need to make a big impact?  A lot of research and thought put into your entire ad strategy BEFORE you decide to invest a penny in advertising…will go a LOOOONNNNGGG ways.

Happy customer hunting!

Duane Christensen

Non-Fat Advertising

I’m a marketing guy, ad writer, and business grower. I write this marketing blog because I’m on a mission to help local businesses get more from their advertising bucks. I also wrote a  a no-nonsense book about how to take a bigger slice of market share with better advertising. It’s called “Take a Bigger Slice”.

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