If there are not really codes on FIFA 17 , as is often the case with the EA SPORTS franchise, there are still some tips that you should know before you start your season.

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Play with the whole team in story mode
It’s great to serve Alex Hunter in the best conditions. To do this, you just have to choose “Play – Control team” when asked. You will then have the eleven players under your control while keeping the exploits to unlock for the young English star.

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Unlock the additional teams in the EASFC catalog

There are two teams to unlock in the accessible catalog by pressing the right stick of your controller. These are the Adidas All Star and All Star AT & T teams from the MLS. Know that you must have level 7 and 8 to unlock them and 3,000 CFC credits. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Hack Free Coins

Buy coaches on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Contracts
are very expensive on the preferred mode of play of FIFA 17 players. To save money, we advise you to consult the chapter concerning contracts and coaches.

Online, there are no more friends!

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Because one is a great competitor or just an amateur, when one plays online, one plays to win. So if you’re not sure of your abilities or if you simply want to play the wins, put all the chances on your side by selecting one of the best teams in the game : Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Manchester United are excellent choices.

more dribbling is simple, the more effective it is . Indeed, the dribbles that most easily eliminate an opponent are often the easiest to do. Roulette, legwrapping or shorthand are widely used online. Practice to know when to pass.

FUT Champions, the first step towards e-sports on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

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Big news on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team this year, the arrival of the mode FUT Champions. As a reminder, this game mode strongly oriented e-sports will allow the best players to compete for a grand finale at the end of the year with 1.3 million dollars to share.

Clash Royale, play anywhere

Have you ever seen ads for Clash Royale? They are looping on television. But what can arouse as much enthusiasm with the players of the whole world? It is certainly the combination of factors related to the game itself and its operating model. The fast and massively online aspect is definitely for many. Unlike games on consoles or computers, Clash Royale is based on the speed of parts that are not devouring time that one could devote to another activity. The rules are simple and being able to engage in quick duels with strangers promotes emulation.


The game is accessible on any smartphone even a little powerful.

Discover the game Clash Royale

Easy as pie

The success of Clash Royale owes its fulgurante success to its simplicity and to its great playability. It is the worthy heir to the previous success of its publisher, Clash of Clans . It’s about winning chests and unlocking rewards. You play with cards that appear on the screen and that you collect. They represent troops, spells, defenses, crowns and glories in the arena. To reach your goal you have to mount clans with other players with whom you can exchange cards.


Clear objectives

It is thanks to your best cards that you can defeat your enemies. You must destroy the towers of the King and Princesses. Through your combat community you can be stronger. There are different modes of play. You can fight in specific arenas to gain fame and strengthen your power. The arenas are numerous and the difficulty of fighting them increases as your fights continue. To build your reputation as a fighter join tournaments. It is also possible to face the members of your clan or your friends in private duels. Hack Clash Royale Gems and Gold The goal is clear you need to strengthen your skills.

Massively social

Clash Royale is a game intended to be used massively online. It is also massively social. Indeed its designer have from the beginning played the card of communication between players. They communicate with each other within their clans, or among friends. They can also go to the site of the game to exchange tips and tricks. Clash Royale exploits all the possibilities of FaceBook, Twitter, InstaGram and YouTube. On TV Royale you can even watch the best duels.

Discover the best strategies to get started with Clash Royale

CSR Racing 2 hack Gold and Silver

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CSR Racing 2 – The new chapter of the # 1 drag racing game of all time has arrived!
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With its breathtaking graphics, CSR2 offers you a race of hyper-realistic dragsters. Measure yourself with online players all over the world with your personalized supercars including the LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 ™, the Koenigsegg One: 1 and much more.

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5 Tips on how to succeed on Tinder

“The need for togetherness is the highest in winter.” Obviously there is some truth in the rumor. (Image: Thinkstock / KristinaJovanovic via The Digitale)

Still alone at the start of the cuddling season ? Do not worry, because the single stock exchanges record the highest number of new registrations. Tinder is one of the most popular dating portals on the market, thanks to its uncomplicated handling. In Germany alone, the app has a number of users of around two million. So that you do not have to spend the cozy season alone, we have the best tips for successful Tinder matches.

1. The first impression

The first appearance is also online.  (© Thinkstock via The Digital)
The app is very strongly focused on the first impression. That is, the first picture has to convince. If your main photo does not show you the best, you must not be surprised if you are relentlessly wiped away. It is also practical that Tinder, with the most recent update, also accepts this by the portal selecting the displayed image based on his / her previous likes to match the current profile viewer. This does not of course help if you have only uploaded one or even several bad pictures on your Tinder profile. Here are some tips for the perfect picture:

  • Pay attention to the quality and resolution of the pictures, because on the perfect main photo, your face should be clearly visible.
  • Do not use group images, because here the viewer can not determine with whom he / she is dealing.
  • To all men: Photos of your naked upper body in front of the mirror are not at all good at all and are considered absolute no-go.
  • Well, on the other hand, if you choose photos from your hobby and a main photo, you do not look directly at the camera. So to throw something in pose, the viewer seems mysterious, interesting and less compulsive. If you do not have a photographer, there are practical self-made sticks .

2. Profile text, is that important at all?

The text can be essential for your success.  (© Thinkstock via The Digital)
Another chance to pick you up is by selecting the profile text. The text is quite neglected by most of the users, so you will find that most of the Tinder users are weak to no texts at all. Here you can show off and show your personality in a few words. Write something funny about you, but keep it simple. As a rule, the profile text is only relevant if the viewer is interested in the images. The fact is, most of the users will not see the text if they do not find the images appealing.

3. Who is behind the picture?

Something for the smartphone-affine contemporaries.  (© Thinkstock via The Digital)
This tip is for the more skillful contemporaries. The simple thing about the Tinder re-registration is that the Facebook profile is used for the information feed-in. So you will also be given the Facebook pictures to make your Tinder profile up. On this basis, it is now possible to initiate a backward search. And this goes like this:

  1. Take a screenshot of each profile.
  2. Cut the screenshot with a photo processing app or the online photo editor Pixlr so far that only the photo is still visible.
  3. Upload the photo to Google Images or to using the backward search.
  4. See there, you already have the Facebook profile URL to the appropriate Tinder profile and you can make a more accurate picture of the Tinderuser.

4. The match, the cover letter and the meeting

Keep the conversation running.  (© Thinkstock via The Digital)
Is it time and you finally have a match, it goes to the texts. Very classic, most ladies expect the man to take the first step. But how do I write it? Sure, lousy slogans like “Your parents must have been thieves, they have stolen stars from the sky and put them in your eyes” or an unimaginative “Hey, how are you?” Are less promising. If you are a chronic smiley-man as a man, the success rate is also lower for you, as it is shown that women – at least initially – are less big smiley fanatics.

In order to get the conversation rolling, it is a good idea to take on the profile of the opponent. If the person is interested in music, you can say that you are a gifted shower ( the right music player for the shower you can find here ).

If the profile shows the person in backpacking, taking pictures or bouldering, you can check out the hobby here. A humorous or flattering comment on the profile is also very good. Everything is better than an uncreative “Hi”.

Change the topics and exchange with your match over many different things from, for example, sports, family, travel, worldview, etc. also like to go in depth. This creates a certain trust in the conversation partner and is the basis for a real learning process. If the conversation is good, try to continue the conversation on another medium. This prevents your conversation from dropping under the bunch of new matches. After you have created a good conversation base on the new medium, either WhatsApp or Facebook, you should try to make a meeting in the near future. A public, neutral reason is usually better than an appointment to Netflix & Chill.

5. Chef or colleague on the screen, what now?

On and off when you meet the boss.  (© Thinkstock via The Digital)
Oh hurt, a difficult situation. (Small accessory tip for all secret office-tinderers: A look -protection foil for the smartphone prevents you from getting your colleagues to tinker at the workplace). If you are on the flirting app actually on a colleague or even your boss, there are two options:

Check For No Match on Tinder :-

The first is the swiping to the left and thus the idea “return everything under the carpet”. Give yourself as if nothing had happened, and as if you had never spotted him or her. The danger here is, however, that the boss or colleague has also seen you and the next day brings up. This is just the disadvantage on Tinder: You never know who sees you on the platform.

The other option is wiping to the right. Maybe there is a match? If you do not dare to speak to your swarm directly at the workplace, Tinder is a way to show your interest without obligation. If you have no interest on the other hand, you can still swip to the right and make a bad joke about it. “Oh, how funny that you use Tinder and how is it with you?”, Could be a conscious neutral message to the colleague. Here it would be advisable to forget all previous tips to success and to try to change a few words on a friendly basis.

If however the boss at the other end option 1 would be the most practical. The danger that he would cross a border and actually wanted to meet with you is rather small. So nothing like wiped away.